Ice Shaker Bottle

Ice Shaker x Ultimate Nutrition

Ultimate Nutrition's latest collaboration is with Ice Shaker -- The maker's of the stainless steel insulated shaker cup!


Owner and inventor of the Ice Shaker, Chris Gronkowski first made a career for himself as a professional football player. He joined the NFL in 2010 after being signed by the Dallas Cowboys as a fullback. During his years in the NFL, Gronkowski also played for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. In 2016, he decided to put his entrepreneurial skills to the test when he set out to create a protein shaker cup that would alleviate many of the issues he and other avid athletes experience with standard protein shakers.

 “My journey began when I tried to seek out a shaker cup that would keep my drinks cold with the convenient easy-open pop-top lid. I also wanted to be able to use it all day long, not just at the gym,” says Gronkowski. “I looked everywhere but couldn’t find what I was looking for. All kinds of insulated bottles and shaker cups are on the market, but there was nothing that was both vacuum sealed and featured a convenient pop-top lid. I decided at that point that I was going to make the best shaker bottle that I possibly could.” Now, with the help of his five brothers, Chris Gronkowski puts all of his energy into running Ice Shaker and continuously updating the product line while improving the experience of protein shakers everywhere.


We're excited to be collaborating digitally with this innovative fitness brand that brought insulated, vacuum sealed shakers to the market. Check them out here:

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