Some scientists label vitamins D3 and K2 a “perfect pair” thanks to their joint abilities to improve bone health and boost cardiovascular function.

These fat-soluble nutrients – each among the “13 Essential Vitamins” – go together swimmingly, but what makes their partnership so potent? 

Let’s analyze this powerful duo from top to bottom, helping you better understand the science behind the D3 + K2 pairing, the benefits it can provide, and how taking this supplement can help you better reach your fitness goals: 

Vitamin D3: The Basics

Vitamin D3, alongside vitamin D2, is one of the two primary forms of vitamin D found in food and dietary supplements.

Vitamin D2 originates in plants and is found in some fortified foods/beverages (e.g., cow’s milk, plant-based milk, baby formula, yogurt, and orange juice). Vitamin D3 originates naturally in the human body and often resides in animal foods (e.g., fatty fish, egg yolks, beef liver) or supplements.

Many experts, including those from the Harvard School of Public Health and the National Institute of Health (NIH), cite vitamin D3 as the superior option. Why? 

Studies repeatedly find that D3 substantially raises vitamin D levels in the bloodstream for longer periods, increasing the likelihood of enjoying the vitamin’s numerous potential benefits:

  • Stronger Bones and Muscles
  • Enhanced Immune Health
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Better Oral Health
  • Lower Risk of Hypertension

Vitamin K2: The Basics

Vitamin K is much less famous than vitamin D, but that does not negate the former's vital role in the human body.

Like vitamin D, vitamin K primarily comes in two forms: vitamin K1 and vitamin K2.

Vitamin K1 originates in plant foods, primarily dark, leafy greens like cooked spinach, kale, beet greens, collard greens, and mustard greens, and resides in a variety of supplements. 

Conversely, vitamin K2 is primarily found in dairy, animal foods like beef liver and chicken, and fermented plant foods like sauerkraut and natto, as well as supplements. 

Similar to vitamin D3, studies from sources like the National Institute of Health (NIH) repeatedly find that vitamin K2 circulates in the bloodstream at higher levels for longer than K1. 

Consequently, consumption of vitamin K2 can raise your chances of enjoying the vitamin’s numerous potential benefits:

  • Stronger Bones
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Better Oral Health
Benefits of Vitamin D3 and K2

Benefits of Vitamin D3 + K2 Supplementation

According to a wide-range, oft-cited study on D3-K2 vitamin supplementation by the National Institute of Health (NIH), the benefits of this pairing are significant.

Decades of studies analyzing human and animal subjects consistently reveal the remarkable ability of dual vitamin D3 and K2 supplementation to positively influence two key areas: bone and heart health.

Let’s take a close look at each to see the power of these supplements to help you feel and perform your best:

Bone Health

Perhaps the most famous potential benefit of Vitamin D3-K2 supplementation is its ability to strengthen bones.

Studies published by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the British Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research regularly yield results demonstrating the vitamin duo’s positive influence on bone mineral density (BMD) – the level of calcium and other key minerals in your bones.

NIH research finds “vitamin D enhances vitamin K-dependent bone protein concentrations” to help strengthen bones in patients without osteoporosis, representing a promising preventative treatment.

Similarly, the same studies find the vitamin combination can increase BMD in patients suffering from osteoporosis and osteopenia – the stage of bone density before osteoporosis.

Together, vitamins K2 and D3 improve the resorption of calcium and other vital minerals into your bones, reducing your short-term risk of fracture and possibly your long-term risks of low BMD that develops into osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Pro Tip: While vitamin K2-D3 supplements can aid bone health, they are by no means designed to wholly treat, cure, or prevent BMD-related conditions. If you suffer from such conditions, always speak with a medical professional before making substantive changes to your supplementation/medication regimen.

Heart Health

Research into the impacts of Vitamin D3-K2 supplementation on cardiovascular function are fewer in number than bone health but still yields consistent findings:

The National Institute of Health (NIH) and the British Medical Journal (BMJ) both deem the D3-K2 pairing an effective way to boost heart function, with the latter claiming it “serves an important role in cardiovascular health” as a supplement.

The roots of these benefits lie in vitamin K2’s ability to transfer calcium from your heart to your bones, fighting the development of calcified arteries that can inhibit healthy blood flow and lead to heart attacks or significant cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to promoting supple, efficient arteries, the second K vitamin can also promote healthy blood glucose and insulin levels, boosting your heart’s efficiency.

Simultaneously, vitamin D3 consumption can foster healthy blood vessels while improving oxygenation, limiting oxidative stress, and supporting healthy blood pressure.

According to the NIH, double-blind, randomized, and controlled studies regularly show that patients who take the two vitamins together show “less coronary arterial progression” than those who only take one or neither.

Though more research is needed, these early results are highly encouraging and may influence how healthcare professionals judge supplementation for cardiovascular purposes.

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