If you work out, you’ve likely heard the term BCAA – or seen it on supplements. However common this acronym is, many people don’t know what it stands for.

In truth, BCAAs are critical to understanding your muscles and how to support them.

BCAA are the essential amino acids valine, leucine, and isoleucine. These acids are stored in the body and kept as sources of energy.

The name BCAA relates to their molecular structure of branches – hence Branched Chains of Amino Acids.

Taking BCAA’s can lead to many benefits, like muscle growth, recovery, and fatigue reduction. For this reason, BCAA supplements are popular throughout the fitness world.

This article will explain BCAA’s and why they’re crucial for your muscle growth.

What are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are molecules that band together to create proteins – hence termed “the building blocks of life.”

Your body contains thousands of proteins, each having its sequence of amino acids.  These acids complete several tasks within the body.

  • Building muscles
  • Breaking down foods
  • Boosting immune system
  • Providing energy
  • Building and repairing body tissue

BCAA’s are three essential amino acids throughout your body. Let’s explore just why these amino acids are necessary.

What Makes an Amino Acid Essential?

In your body, there are 20 amino acids. Of these 20, nine are deemed essential amino acids because your body can’t make them—instead, these amino acids come through your diet.

A diet lacking essential amino acids leads to depression, fertility, brain fog, and various health issues. BCAA’s three essential amino acids are critical for muscle growth and maintenance – meaning without them, your exercise will suffer.

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BCAA’s Essential Amino Acids

Now that we know what amino acids are, let’s look at the trio. BCAA’s are comprised of three essential amino acids: 

  • Valine
  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine

These acids are critical proteins found in your food. Each acid has several vital roles in your body, primarily muscle growth.

By breaking down the benefits of this trio, we can see why these three amino acids are so essential.

BCAA Benefits

There’s a reason BCAAs are so popular. These amino acids come with many positive effects.

Increasing Muscle Growth

BCAA’s are most famous for how they affect the muscles. A 2009 study shows that when several strength trainers used BCAA’s with their resistance training, it led to a decrease in fat and an increase in lean muscle.

Specifically, the amino acid leucine stimulates muscle protein synthesis, which causes this muscle-making.

Decreasing Muscle Soreness

Many interested in fitness find themselves put off after muscle soreness. Post-workout aches and pains can take a beginner’s motivation.

Luckily, BCAA’s don’t just aid in muscle mass but also muscle recovery. Research suggests that taking BCAA speeds up the time it takes muscle tissue to recover.

Preventing Exercise Fatigue

It’s easy for the human body to get tired after a workout, but this doesn’t have to be a roadblock. BCAA’s in the blood lead to a lack of serotonin – a component that often causes fatigue during exercise. By preventing serotonin, BCAAs keep workout energy levels high.

Preventing Liver Disease

With many muscle-related advantages, the boost to your liver may seem out of the left field. But it’s true: 2014 study suggests that BCAA’s are more beneficial than other supplements at reducing complications that lead to liver disease.

However, if you already have liver disease, talk to your doctor before starting any supplement.

What are BCAA's?

BCAA Powder and Supplements

BCAA’s are found in various foods, like soy, corn, and beef, but it’s much more reliable to get them out of a supplement. By taking BCAA powder, you can fuel your workout.

Due to their impact on muscle growth, BCAA’s are popularly used in protein supplements. These BCAA powders promote muscle growth and enhance workouts. 

Taking BCAA supplements can also lead to weight loss – making it the first choice for nutrition supplements. At Ultimate Nutrition, we sell a variety of BCAA-infused supplements, making us an easy stop for all your BCAA needs.

Explore our BCAA options, like our BCAA 12,000 muscle powder. This bestseller comes with 6 grams of BCAA’s per serving – enough essential amino to keep your muscles strong and recovered. With various flavors, from Ruby Red Candy to Blue Raspberry, we have enough to satiate any taste.

Or consider our 100% Crystalline BCAA powder. This supplement is designed to increase endurance, combat fatigue, and improve performance – all the great benefits of BCAA’s.

BCAA Side Effects

Of course, you should take BCAA’s with caution like any supplement. While BCAA usage is generally safe, monitoring any side effects is essential.

Potential reactions include:

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of coordination
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach Bloating

See your doctor with any persistent or severe side effects.

Try Ultimate Nutrition; Fill Up on BCAAS

Ultimate Nutrition is dedicated to serving healthy, safe protein supplements.

When it comes to your exercise, you can’t know too much. For more information related to your health, follow our Lifestyle page. We post health-conscious research, like why dry-scoop training is dangerous or how to build the right supplement snack. Stay updated with our latest products and use them to fuel your body.  

As you work out, consume BCAA’s and all the essential amino acids to ensure proper performance and muscle growth. Your body will thank you.

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