Intra Gold: A Full-Body Boost


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Introducing Intra Gold, a multi-faceted performance matrix designed to take your workouts to the next level. Fuel your body with the power of Intra Gold and witness exceptional results like never before.

The Benefits of Intra Gold 

This cutting-edge formula gives you the endurance, energy, and recovery support you need to maximize your training potential. Let’s break it down. 

Endurance and Energy

Intra Gold is an endurance and energy booster meticulously formulated to keep your focus and energy levels soaring during intense training sessions. Packed with potent ingredients, this performance matrix is your ultimate partner for conquering the most demanding workouts.

The Power of BCAAs, Vitamin B6, and Electrolytes

Intra Gold is enriched with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), Vitamin B6, and essential electrolytes, each with its foundational role in the body. 

BCAAs are optimally dosed to provide the additional fuel your body needs while preventing muscle breakdown for energy. Vitamin B6 converts food into power, sustaining energy levels throughout your training session. Electrolytes maintain hydration and balance, keeping your body functioning optimally during intense workouts.

Faster Recovery

Intra Gold is equipped with L-Carnitine to aid in faster recovery, reducing exercise-induced muscle damage by over 50%. The inclusion of LOLA (L-Ornithine L-Aspartate) enhances the removal of ammonia, which is known to be associated with intense exercise. 

Research studies demonstrate that when combined with BCAAs, supplementation with LOLA significantly reduces ammonia levels in the blood, allowing you to push yourself further and harder, surpassing your limits.

Mental Focus and Performance

Intra Gold contains Taurine, a powerful ingredient that increases mental focus. Scientists have discovered Taurine shares receptors with GABA another brain-based compound. 

Betaine, another vital component, significantly increases growth hormone levels and decreases cortisol. Additionally, Betaine promotes vascular health by substantially reducing homocysteine levels, offering comprehensive support for mental and physical performance.

Directions For Use 

As with any supplement, consult your physician before incorporating Intra Gold into your fitness regimen. Our supplement comes in two delicious flavors: Sour Apple and Wild Strawberry. Consume during your workout to maintain sustained energy and endurance.

Stay within the recommended dosage per day.


What sets Intra Gold apart from other performance boosters?

As shown, Intra Gold's unique blend of BCAAs, Vitamin B6, electrolytes, L-Carnitine, LOLA, Taurine, and Betaine sets it apart as a comprehensive performance matrix. It supports endurance, energy, and mental focus, making it an all-in-one solution for your training needs.

Can Intra Gold be taken on non-training days?

While Intra Gold is designed for use during workouts, some individuals prefer consuming it on rest days to maintain mental sharpness and support recovery. 

How long will one container of Intra Gold last?

Each container of Intra Gold contains approximately 30 servings, depending on individual scoop sizes. With the recommended one scoop per day dosage, one container should last around a month.

Can Intra Gold be stacked with other Ultimate Nutrition products?

Absolutely! Intra Gold can be effectively combined with other Ultimate Nutrition supplements to tailor your fitness regimen to your unique goals and needs. However, remember to consult with your healthcare professional before combining supplements.