L-Carnitine: An Amino Acid Supplement for Athletes


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L-Carnitine is an excellent athletic supplement to help facilitate your fitness goals. The supplement relies on L-carnitine: a natural compound within the body. 

Dietary carnitine appears in red meat and dairy products, but you can easily supplement the chemical for additional benefits. Let’s break down the functions of this chemical and determine how this supplement could benefit you. 

The Benefits of L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine is an essential element of the body that helps poise the body for its tasks. This chemical is made in different body parts, from the brain to the liver and kidneys. The chemical helps guide fatty acids into the mitochondria and oxidizes fat: two tasks that can lead to fitness boosts. 

Taking L-carnitine can provide the body with unexpected fitness benefits, from increased weight loss to extended endurance and recovery. Let’s explain these positives and why this may be the best l-carnitine supplement. 

Weight Loss 

As the National Institute of Health puts it, early results show that L-carnitine may help with weight-loss-related goals. The compound’s natural job of oxidizing fat and transporting fatty acids makes it an excellent fit for burning excess fat. Pairing carnitine with a nutritious diet and exercise may help you achieve your weight goals. 


Fitness isn’t about raw power. Endurance is a necessary component of work-outs: the ability to maintain energy. Research by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning suggests that increased l-carnitine correlates with higher endurance. Like any supplement, give it time before anticipating results. 


Recovery is an essential component of the workout process. Muscles need to recover to improve, as does much of your body. ScienceDirect showcases the evidence that L-carnitine protects the body from cellular damage and boosts exercise recovery

Directions and Guidelines

We recommend you consult with your physician before starting any new supplement or exercise regimen. 

While this supplement is generally safe, ensuring it doesn’t contradict your medications is critical. L-carnitine may significantly interfere with Sintrom, Warfarin, and thyroid hormones. Due to limited research, we recommend not taking the supplement while pregnant. 

Like any health supplement, don’t exceed the recommended daily intake. For best results, take two daily tablets and monitor your side effects. Possible effects include stomach upset, heartburn, diarrhea, and seizures. 


What is the best way to take L-Carnitine? 

Our L-Carnitine supplement comes in three sizes according to your needs: 300mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. Don’t stretch beyond your means. We encourage you to start with the low dose and monitor your body's feelings. If you feel positive but think you could benefit more, that is the time to switch. 

How long does it take to see results? 

Health supplements don’t kick in immediately. In the case of l-carnitine, you may have to wait a few months before seeing results. Findings from BioMed Central show that it may take 100 days to see athletic improvements, but it’s important not to give up. 

Like exercise, supplementation is a long-form boost for your body. Make the changes now to see improvements down the road. 

How else can I boost my fitness? 

Don’t rely on L-carnitine alone. This supplement works best when paired with proper fitness and nutrition. Whether lifting weights, running, or doing yoga– working out multiple times a week will keep you in shape. 

Diet is a massive element in your body. The right foods and caloric decisions will ultimately provide an excellent energy and weight loss baseline. We also recommend getting enough sleep and managing stress. By managing your body on the front end, you can maximize your overall health.