Metabolism is one of the body's greatest tricks. By changing your food into energy, your metabolism cuts down on excess calories. Therefore, a fast metabolism can increase energy, strengthen your sleep, and help reduce fat.

But there’s a catch. Like your body, metabolism slows with time. 

As you lose muscle mass, your metabolism will burn calories at a slower weight. With a less active lifestyle, your metabolism may come to a grinding halt. 

Scientific studies indicate metabolism takes a toll with age – changes most notable at 30 and 40. From there, your body may not process calories in the same way. The diet that worked before may add to your body’s fat cells. 

Luckily, beyond an active lifestyle, you can work to keep your metabolism fast. 

Synephrine is an alkaloid in certain drug products that can lead to increased resting metabolism. This article will explore just what synephrine is, from its chemical makeup to its positive effects. 

What is Synephrine?

Synephrine (or p-synephrine) is a naturally occurring alkaloid in different plants and animals. In the early 1960s, this chemical was present in citrus leaves native to Asia, like sweet oranges, and commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. 

It is commonly listed as “Bitter Orange Extract” and is known as the active compound in Citrus Aurantium. Furthermore, synephrine goes under a variety of names:

  • Bitter Orange
  • P-synephrine 
  • Citrus Aurantium

For many years, scientists have tested the use of synephrine in the body. Studies show that p-synephrine engages energy production by acting as a thermogenic agent and appetite control. Thus, synephrine not only engages the body but can keep its metabolism fast and rampant. Additionally, this compound can aid the body in obesity, athletic performance and 

Let’s explore how synephrine can aid the body. 

What Are Thermogenic Supplements?

The term “thermogenic” isn’t as complex as one might think– the word means “heat producing.” 

As your body shaves off calories, it generates excess heat. Thus, supplements aiding in metabolism or burning fat are labeled “thermogenic.”

Synephrine as a Dietary Supplement

For the benefits, synephrine has become a common addition to workout supplements, but does it work?

Research showcases the many benefits of synephrine. When taken before a workout, a synephrine supplement will benefit fat oxidation. Fat oxidation is the body’s method of breaking down fatty acids, which provides the body with a higher range of energy.

Furthermore, synephrine raises resting metabolic rates by 217% and overall energy levels. This rate is the number of calories your body burns at complete rest. By raising these levels, your body will deal with your consumption easier.

According to research, 50mg of synephrine daily increases metabolism and burns up to 65 calories daily. Additionally, the best benefits come when taken for 6-12 weeks.

Synephrine and Leaves

Synephrine and Caffeine 

Across the world, caffeine is the most used stimulant, with as much as 80% of adults consuming caffeine regularly. With many benefits, caffeine pairs well with a good workout. But how would it combine with synephrine? 

When one imagines pairing the two, they may envision adverse side effects—in reality, comparing the two leads to increased benefits.

That’s right. Pairing this alkaloid with caffeine is safe and common and can lead to an even higher resting metabolic rates, which may ultimately lead to weight loss. Furthermore, the two may provide increased stimulation to the body. 

How Much Synephrine To Take

Now that you know the benefits, it can be hard to know just how much is good for the body. You’re in luck. A recent study shows that 50mg will increase your metabolic rate without any increase in blood pressure. 

Regardless, when buying a supplement, make sure you do your research. Find the amount of Synephrine on the product labels, typically labeled as “Bitter Orange Extract.” Follow the consumption guidelines per product and follow your body’s needs. 

What is Synephrine?

Other Methods to Keep Your Metabolism Quick

Don’t skimp on your metabolism. It’s one of the body's quickest and easiest ways to stay fit. Beyond synephrine, follow these methods to keep your metabolism up to speed. 


Exercise is one of the most effective ways to keep your metabolism. Whether you’re weight-training, running, or going for a swim, sustain your body by staying active.

Pro Tip: Weight Training is especially effective in keeping your metabolism high. 

Eating Every Meal 

Believe it or not, the more food you digest, the more calories you burn. You can keep your body ready and active by consistently eating food and never skimping on meals.

Fat-burning foods such as green tea, protein, and spicy peppers may bump your metabolism. Protein, in general, offers many benefits for your body. 

Try Synephrine; Boost Your Metabolism

As your body ages, it will often slow. Losing a fast metabolism can be a disheartening, discouraging process. Calories that were once easy to burn can seem challenging to stave away as your body tries to keep up. 

As synephrine expands into the workout world – alone and in combination – research sees many benefits and few adverse effects. This thermogenic compound is proven to increase your metabolic resting rates, which means your body will burn excess calories, even at complete rest.

Explore the world of Bitter Orange with a range of health supplements. Consider using synephrine in combination with caffeine for increased effects. 

At Ultimate Nutrition, we aim to find the most healthy, nutritious supplements for you. Whether you’re looking to gain weight or aid wellness, we offer a wide range of trusted products. 

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