A coach and athlete rowing | Ultimate Nutrition

8 Benefits of Rowing & How to Use Proper Technique

The rowing machine is often overlooked when it comes to cardio and strength training. Find out what you've been missing and how to dial up the intensity with this full-body workout.
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Resistance bands and weights | Ultimate Nutrition

Resistance Bands vs. Weights: Which Is the Best Workout?

Explore the advantages and disadvantages between resistance bands and weights to uncover the best strength training option for growing muscle.
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A man with ruck sack kneeling down | Ultimate Nutrition

The Health Benefits of Rucking: A Comprehensive Guide

Rucking is the ultimate cardio workout, enabling you to improve your endurance and strength at the same time. Grab your backpack and get moving with our ultimate guide to the health benefits of rucking. 
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A man with knee strain | Ultimate Nutrition

11 Muscle Strain Tips to Speed Up Recovery

No matter your age or fitness level, muscle strains can easily sideline us from our favorite activities. While the healing process is tedious, these 11 tips cover how to speed up muscle strain recovery can help you get back on track.
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Cossack Squat | Ultimate Nutrition

Master the Cossack Squat: Benefits How-To and Progressions

The Cossack squat is a squat variation that can help you increase mobility and balance while strengthening your entire lower body. Learn why this all-around exercise needs to be in your training program.
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Woman using battle ropes

How Long Should You Work Out a Day?

Do you prefer quick workouts or long training sessions? In this guide, we'll uncover the truth about how long you should work out to get the most benefits.
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Two men performing Russian Twist ab exercise

10 Deep Core Exercises to Build Abdominal Strength

Transform your mid-region with our top 10 deep core exercises for developing abdominal strength. 
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Pilates class stretching | Ultimate Nutrition

How Does Pilates Build Muscle?

Pilates builds muscles differently than strength training but challenges the body all the same. We're hitting the mats to learn how these dynamic stretches offer a full-body workout like no other.
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A man and a woman working out on treadmills | Ultimate Nutrition

Can Muscle Confusion Boost Your Gains?

Muscle confusion is a heavily debated topic among fitness enthusiasts. Whether you advocate for it or think it's a myth, we're exploring the facts and uncovering the truth once and for all!
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A man front squatting | Ultimate Nutrition

Front Squats vs Back Squats: Which Builds More Muscle?

Squats are the ideal go-to for leg day, but which version offers the best muscle gains? We're stepping into the rack to compare front squats vs. back squats.

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A man and a woman performing a rowing workout | Ultimate Nutrition

Does Rowing Build Muscle and Strength?

Rowing is one of the best workouts for building your endurance. Strap in to learn proper rowing form and try a few engine-building workouts to maximize muscle.
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Women playing Pickle Ball | Ultimate Nutrition

How to Play Pickleball: Rally the Health Benefits

Are you ready for some Pickleball? Learn why pickleball is one of the most popular sports, rules, benefits, tips, and more in this beginner's pickleball guide.
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