Vitamin D Supplement

About Vitamin D Softgels:

• Necessary for healthy bones, teeth, and immune system • Helps maintain healthy muscles • No gluten and no preservatives • Easy to swallow soft-gel form • 60 Servings per Bottle One of the most important daily vitamins for its various benefits to the health of your bones, teeth and muscles, Vitamin D is also an anti-inflammatory. It has extremely important anti-microbial effects, because it is required for the production of a peptide called cathelicidin. People with low vitamin D levels are more vulnerable to infections. It is a regulator which allows the optimal functioning of the immune system's complex network of cells and cytokines. Nothing gets left on the table when we formulate our Platinum series of vitamins. Our softgels are gluten & preservative free, as well as being easier to swallow than most hard tablets. Our Vitamin D Softgels help bring balance to your immune system, while promoting healthy bones, teeth and muscles. With 60 servings per bottle, you get a two month supply of premium vitamin D for an amazing value! Grab a bottle for yourself today.