Fat Bloc™ and Super Fat Bloc™


Fat Absorption Blocker

About Fat Bloc & Super Fat Bloc:

Despite growing concerns about the health effects of being overweight, there doesn't seem to be any stopping the trend of increasing weight gain in America . More people are actively pursuing healthier options when eating, yet American's today are on average 18 lbs heavier than in the mid 80's-90's!1 Our team of researchers finally have the answer with Fat Bloc (and Super Fat Bloc)!  These specially formulated supplements utilize the amazing benefits of Chitosan.

Stop fat BEFORE you gain it!

Chitosan stands out for its ability to bind fat before it is absorbed into the body. It is derived from the complex sugar (polysaccharide) found in the shells (exoskeletons) of shrimp, crabs and other shellfish. Chitosan has the capacity to bind lipids and fats. More importantly, chitosan has no calories since it is not digested. Upon oral ingestion, chitosan binds to the intestinal lining where it tightly holds dietary fats and lipids before they are absorbed into the body. As a result, dietary fat is prevented from entering the bloodstream. Chitosan possesses a net positive charge. This positive charge attracts negative charges on the fats, lipids and bile acids. Chitosan is not metabolized; it is cleared from the body along with the fat in the fecal material. Chitosan is an indispensable adjunct to a balanced weight management program of diet and exercise. Grab a bottle today, and see the benefits for yourself! [product_disclaimer]
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